Peter Anton

Bigger Than Life

For the first time in Europe, Gallery Terminus presents the American artist Peter Anton, famous as “Candy Warhol” (Genre Magazine, 2006). Anton’s art has resonated strongly with the public. His work has always focused on the edible, with a firm emphasis on irresistible treats. Anton’s wall relief sculptures of gigantic boxes of chocolate and almost human-sized ice cream bars represent a transformation of scale that mirrors their importance in our imagination. By confronting us with our desires made manifest on a scale that can’t be ignored, he penetrates our defenses to astonish, amuse and seduce us with his vision. More than static images for admiration, these creations involve us in the process of consumption, the boxes filled with partially eaten chocolates and empty wrappers, the bars bitten into and partially melted.
Throughout his career, Peter Anton has made our cultural obsession with food his subject. Perhaps this is because it is his obsession as well. He spent much of his early childhood playing in the kitchen, making new images out of food scraps and containers, and drawing at every opportunity. From these disparate elements, Anton has cooked up a delightful artistic meal that, for all its sweetness, is nourishing to the soul.

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